My own:

  • Poetry
    Two poems in honour of the elements

  • Life Lessons
    Things I've discovered about myself to date, mostly related to BDSM/Kink, since that was my focus at last writing. I haven't updated this piece in the last five years.

  • What I hope to find in a relationship
    Advertising, ranting, chronicling a process, clarifying self, and a bit of flirtation all rolled into one long essay. And again, out of date. I've found my man. :)

  • Deity
    My current theory on the nature of Deity and how humanity worships.

  • Death
    This is a post I made once to a pagan mailing list that meant something to me at the time so I kept it.

  • Opinions
    I've got lots of them. But again, this series of short rants is out of date. It largely focusses on the Kink community, which I haven't been a part of since I started dating Neil. I still have lots of opinions, but I'm much more mellow about asserting them these days.

  • Who Am I? Updated June 2005.

  • Bibliography
    Pagan books that I think every newly pagan woman should read. Again, out of date.

  • Others:

  • Poetry and other forms
    At the moment, I have lyrics from Ani Difranco, Toni Childs, and Holly Near, a meditational piece from Ruth Barrett, a quote from Marge Piercy and poetry from Elsa Gidlow. Copyright remains with each original author.

  • Wiccan Rede

  • Somewhere in between mine and not mine:

  • Sig quotes
    Various lines that I've used in my email signature over the last several years.

  • Quotes from the Reality Female Condoms© instruction pamphlet
    Taken out of context, as I've done here, this is.....quite amusing. :)

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