Poetry: written by myself

Invocation to Water

....from the hissing steam of passionate energy,
We pass to the gentle lapping waters of peaceful contentment,
the inquisitive, always rushing stream of curiousity,
the deep pull of the whirlpool to our inner depths; terrifying and lonely,
the storm of rage upon the open sea; the crash of tidal waves,
and a flood of tears that wipe us clean,
breatheless and simple to begin anew
with the quiet promise of seeping groundwater through the cracks...

Powers of Water, Powers of the West
Be Welcome
According to Free Will,
and for the Good of All.
Blessed Be.

©written and offered by Karen...

Coming Home

Sometimes Fire is just ....fire
Sometimes Fire burns away the deadwood of lies and old dreams, clearing the ground anew...

Sometimes Water is just ...water
Sometimes Water rushes in unexpected, drowning hopes and fears alike, sweeping clean the ashes of grief..

Sometimes Air is just ...air
Sometimes Air blows everything you have known away and leaves you breathless, panting and simple, ready to begin again...

Sometimes Earth is just ...earth
Sometimes Earth is warm and dark, the fertile womb ready for new life..

Sometimes Spirit is just a word
Sometimes Spirit leaves and you are lost, scared, lonely...
Sometimes Spirit plants a seed and waits
Sometimes Spirit takes you home...

©written and offered by Karen

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