Cats - only the two sweetest and most annoying animals on earth


Ginger is the big, furry, utterly complacent suck-up and 'disgustingly healthy' ginger-coloured cat. Ginger died on May 15, 2007. After a good long 18 years, she finally succumbed to a tumor. I miss her.

That's Spike in the background, btw, before I hung the picture on the wall. Spike is the cutest little kitten affecting a roar with a big ol' dog collar on her (remember the theory, noted below) neck. Kinda fits me. :)


Kali is the timid wraith-like hellion of pure black who gave more affection then she asks for, and wrenched the heart with her shyness. From Kali, I learned an important lesson 'never name a cat after a Goddess of death and destruction'. At least....not if you want her to be healthy and the pottery you can buy only once a year at the music festival to remain intact.

Kali died on Aug 6th, 1999 of kidney disease.


A note on pronouns: I have an odd little philosophy on life - cats are female, dogs are male, so although Ginger really is female, and Kali was a male, I refer to both as 'she' and 'her'.

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