Hereís some of the packaging instructions from Reality © female condoms.Try reading the instructions with a small Ďrí reality in mind.

This leaflet explains how to use Reality© and answers some questions women often ask about itís use.

Please read this leaflet CAREFULLY BEFORE you use Reality© with for the first time.

Important things to note for the best protection from Reality©.

1)Use Reality© every time you have sex.

5) Donít tear Reality©. If Reality© should tear, remove it and use an new one.

How Reality© was tested.

Remember, Reality© can only work if you use it.

To open the packet: Locate the arrow at tear notch on upper right-hand corner and tear open. Take out Reality© and look at it closely.

Take your time. If Reality© is slippery to insert, let it go and start over.

Make sure Reality© is inserted straight (not twisted) into the vagina.

You may notice that Reality© moves around during sex.

Before you try Reality©, be sure to read the directions and learn how to use it properly.

Q. Will Reality© be noisy during sex?

Q. Will I feel Reality© once it is in place?

A. Some people may feel Reality© and some may not if it is properly in place and lubricated.

Q. Will Reality© rip or tear while I am using it?

A. Studies show that Reality© rips or tears less than 1% of the time. If you think Reality© has been ripped or torn, remove it right away, and insert a new Reality© device.

Storage Instructions:
Store Reality© at normal room temperature. Do not use Reality© after itís expiration date because it will not work as well.

Reality© warms up as soon as you insert it. It is both strong and soft.


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