Who am I?

The basics:

Birthday: June 22. On the cusp of Cancer, Aries moon, with Gemini rising (if I read the rising sign info correctly)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: muttersomething :)
Hair: light brown with lots of blonde, some of which is....aided :)
Eyes: blue/gray
Citizenship: passionately Canadian
Currently residing: somewhere in the Kitchener-Waterloo area
Education: 5 years of University to get a 4 year General Arts degree, with a minor in Political Science
Profession: library clerk in circulation services at UW, specializing in book and article retrieval for the Tri-University Group, and distance education services
Marital status: married in July 2003. Life is good. :)

The expanded version:

Favourite colours: yellow and orange to see, blue and white to wear
Favourite ice cream: Hagan Daaz's Caramel vies with Rocky Road depending on my mood, although Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia is a hard second
Favourite food: maple nut fudge, Synder's Salt and Vinegar potato chips, and almost anything in cheddar
Favourite flowers: white calla lilies and tulips of all colours
Favourite past-times: Leif the licky, Ginger cat, Neil, reading, gardening, blogging, fiber stuff, shopping, sex
The quirkier past-times: raw coding in HTML when I'm on a creative streak, painting rooms, helping other people move
Least favourite past-times: doing the dishes, friends who turn out not to be, being bored
Favourite obscure movie: The Anchoress
Favourite tv programs: Enterprise (now deceased), West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (now deceased), Firefly (now deceased)
Favourite Reading Genre: fantasy/ and light sci/fi, feminist philosophy
Favourite authors: Patrica Keneally-Morrison, Joan Slonczewski, Kay Leigh Hagan
Favourite music: folk, women's rock, some jazz, and the occasional hard core punk
Favourite musicians: Rhiannon, Indigo Girls, Tori Amos, Ferron, Jane Siberry, Cirque du Soleil, Dead Kennedys, and newcomers Tegan and Sara!
Things I collect: books, magazines, music
Old hobbies I don't do enough of anymore: photography
New hobbies I'm collecting: Dark Ages recreation, weaving on a warp-weighted loom, drop-spinning
Hobbies that I want to take up but haven't got to yet: meditation, playing a guitar
Favourite places: a warm sunny spot in front of the day stage at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, grasshoppers and all; the waterbed, our new home and it's the backyard
Places I want to spend some time in: Scotland, England, Ireland, Iceland, Australia, Greece
Things I like best about myself: my honesty and openness, that I could pick up the pieces after all, my general level of self-awareness
Things I strive to improve in myself: being too sensitive to other's perceptions of me, eating and exercising habits
What I'd do if I won the lottery: buy a very private plot of land and build the perfect house, buy an older model Jaguar for pleasure, and a Pontiac Grand Am for sheer practicality, quit my day job, be very generous to certain causes and persons, make Vikland happen, buy lots of clothes and books and music, travel

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