Beginner's Pagan Bibliography

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aut: author
pub: publisher
LC: Library of Congress call number, may vary slightly at each institution

The Fifth Sacred Thing
aut: Starhawk
pub: Bantam Books
ISBN(hardcover): 0-553-09552-6
LC: PS3569.t33565F54 1993

Notes: Paperback also available, fiction. Widely criticized and supported in various pagan forums, largely because it is perceived as being too politically correct. Personally, I think that the term Ďpolitically correctí which began as nothing more than a short form for "respecting other cultures when they tell you that something is insulting to them" has been overused and devalued by folks who have no intention of respecting the diversity of life. The keyword is respect.
Personally, I like the book. Not as well written as some fantasy authors but this is Starhawk's first work of fiction. There is much about the society that develops in San Francisco that I dream of for this world -all cultures and religions existing and cooperating, side by side,respecting all.

Casting the Circle
aut: Dianne Stein
pub: The Crossing Press
LC: BF1623.R6574 1990


The Womenís Spirituality Book
aut: Dianne Stein
Llewellyn Publications
ISBN(paper): 0-87542-761-8
LC: BL458.S7 1986

Notes: Both are introduction to Dianic Wicce type books with different emphases. I find her books somewhat simplistic at times but very handy as an outline for ritual work. A lot of women I know swear by her books but I prefer the next author.

Adriadne's Thread: a workbook of goddess magic
aut: Shekhinah Mountainwater
pub: The Crossing Press
ISBN(paper): 0-89594-476-6
LC: BF1621.M68 1991

Notes: Shekhinh's book is set up as a workbook, with exercises that make you think about what you've read, projects to do, and contains lots of references to other sources. Itís still an intro type book to Dianic Wicce but more for those who already have a sense of committment to the Craft.
Both Dianne Stein and Shekhinah Mountainwater use examples of group rituals but either can be modified for solitary work.

Natural Healing for Women
aut: Susan Curtis and Romy Fraser
pub: Pandora Press
my copy was printed in Great Britian so no LC is available.

notes: great herbal reference book with some essays at the back on making our lives whole, spiritually and physically. Not specifically pagan, but shares many of the same ideas.

The Storytellerís Goddess:tales of the Goddess and her wisdom from around the world
aut: Carolyn McVickar Edwards
pub: Harper San Francisco
ISBN(paper): 0-06-250263-8
LC: BL473.5.E38 1991

notes: The publisher thinks this is fiction but it contains many deep truths.

Found Goddesses: Asphalta to Viscera
aut: as revealed to Morgan Grey and Julia Penelope, illustrated by Alison Bechdel
pub: New Victory Publishers
ISBN(paper): 0-934678-18-9
LC: not available

notes: humour, anything illustrated by the fabulous Alison Bechdel is worth it! the other authors describe themselves as a Witch and a Linquist.

Dreaming the Dark
aut: Starhawk
pub: Beacon Press
ISBN(paper): 0-8070-1025-1
LC: BF1566.S766 1988

notes: well, youíve probably heard of Starhawk...this is one of my favourites!

Motherwit: a guide to healing and psyhic development
aut: Diane Mariechild
pub: The Crossing Press
ISBN(paper): 0-89594-3058-1
LC: BF1045.W65M37 1988

notes: Iíve just started this one but Iím really excited by the possibilities. Diane Mariechild is definetely Dianic.

Woman and Nature: the roaring inside of her
aut: Susan Griffen
pub: Harper and Row
ISBN(paper): 0-06-90744-4
LC: PS3557.R48913W6

notes: sigh......the world considers this fiction too. It contains many deep truths and Susan Griffen is by far the best writer Iíve ever read. Her prose nearly sings itself off the page with itís intense beauty. In content, this is more about feminis m and the environment. It is not specifically wiccan, but I think it distills the essence of what I take to be Dianic Wicce.

The Moon Under Her Feet
aut: Clysta Kinstler
pub: Harper and Row
ISBN(hardcover): 0-06-250466-5
LC: PS3561.I584M66 1989

notes: An interesting pagan/feminist retelling of the story of Christ. If youíve moved away from a christian religion but still feel some ties, this book is a good bridge between christian and pagan/wiccan beliefs. This simple story helped me say good bye to christianity even though I didnít know at the time where my spiritual search was leading me.

The Grandmother of Time
aut: Zsuzanna Budapest
pub: Harper and Row
ISBN (paper): 0-06-250109-7
LC: BL625.7.B83 1989


Grandmother Moon: The Lunar in our Lives
aut: Zsuzanna Budapest
pub: Harper SanFrancisco
ISBN (paper): 0-06-250114-3
LC: BF1723.B83 1991

Both are introductory type books to Ďwomenís spiritualityí for people who are searching. Lots of holidays, celebration ideas, and ritual suggestions! Iíve heard her say that both books arenít as Ďin depthí as she might like because they were published with a major mainstream publisher. Z is a dynamic women with strong opinions, very feminist and womyn-centred.

The Holy Book of Womenís Msyteries
aut: Zsuzanna Budapest
pub: Wingbow Publishers
ISBN (paper): 0-914728-67-9

Zís first book, and itís not quite an intro! This book is about Dianic Wicce (as different from Womenís Spirituality) and it is fairly comprehensive, going to greater depth than any of her books since.

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