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One swift blow to the head with a heavy object should do it.

Yes, I know it sounds gruesome, but itís life. And itís a lot easier to say than do...but the Goddess is death too, and you are Goddess.

Years ago, I was riding my bike home from work, and passed a squirrel in the middle of the road. I almost ignored isnít an uncommon sight in that area. But it flipped, by itself...I knew it was still alive. I stopped, pulled gloves on and picked it up to carry to the side of the road and laid it in the grass, thinking maybe it wasnít so bad, that it could recover. It wasnít til I got it there that I realized...there was no way in this world it was going to recover. Iíll spare you the details. And that if it was still alive, it had to be in great pain. I knew that it needed to die.

But I couldnít do it. I stayed with it awhile...I hope it died while I was there. And then I walked away. I just couldnít bring myself to end itís suffering. Iíve been haunted by it ever since.

If you have more guts than I did....


We are in truth, the truth we seek." MeíShell Ndgeocello

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