You've reached the home of Neil and Karen, and their companions Kolr & Siggi.

Thoka and Leif the Licky passed away and are missed.

old maple
Treheima (old Norse for "tree home", or "house with lots of trees", or maybe even "tree house") is the name we chose when we bought our current home. One-third of an acre, including lots of different trees.

We also have all kinds of gardens - Karen and Neil both spend a huge amount of time in the garden. Neil facilitates the addition of new plantings, and Karen cuts the lawn and photographs the results. You can follow the progress of the gardens on her blog - Karen's Home on the Blog which hasn't been updated in years.

When we're not at work or in the backyard, you can often find us hanging out with the folks in the Dark Ages Recreation Company. DARC does research and historical re-enactment for both pleasure and educational purposes.

Karen and Neil both had well developed personal pages at one point -
Karen's Home on the Web and Neil's Personal Pages - but like many, updates have suffered with the influences of blogging and Facebook. Karen has a blog and you can find both of us on Facebook.

Neil Peterson is a certified project management professional in the software industry currently having fun at Index Exchange. You can visit his profile on LinkedIn. In his spare time, he completed an Archaeology degree at Wilfrid Laurier University and works with many groups to promote an appreciation of Norse history. Museums looking for help with project planning are welcome to have a look at his museum resume.
Ragnarr Thorbergsson is a tired old ex-viking who is now mostly settled in Iceland with his ambatt, Kaðlín. Sometimes Ragnarr gets a few friends together to go trading around the globe.

Karen is a library clerk at the University of Waterloo. When not at work, she takes care of / plays with / pets (as appropriate) Siggi, Leif, her husband Neil, and their home and gardens in the quiet town of St.Agatha. Karen's hobbies are many and varied. They include: drop spinning, weaving on a warp-weighted loom, natural dyeing, naalbinding, crocheting, knitting, photography, reading, playing mindless computer games, lampworking, Facebook and blogging. Karen is also becoming a bit of a foodie - although there's a strong interest in the local food movement and learning old ways to cook, she also enjoys finding new high end restaurants in which to savour the delights of good service, artistically presented and tasty foods. Once in awhile, she's even been known to whine and moan about her sinuses or research, whichever is less appealing at the time. Karen also enjoys sitting around a fire pit and just soaking in the heat and relaxation of being with good friends.
Kaðlín Ragnarrsambatt was a small town girl living on the shores of Scotland in the mid 800s when Vikings raided the shores of Scotland and stole some of the women folk away. She was promptly renamed by her Viking captor, Ragnarr, who says he can't pronounce "that pig grunt language the Scots use" anyway. She now lives with Ragnarr in Iceland as his ambatt (personal body slave).

Karen and Neil are settling nicely into becoming old married phartes, but Ragnarr just growls at Kaðlín when he wants her company.

We are fans of travelling but are pretty bad about writing it up later.


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