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The Waterloo Whitetips swimmer

3 April, 2000 - For Immediate Release

Hold your breath here come the Whitetips.

On Saturday the 25th of March the Waterloo Whitetips swam, shot, and scored their way to fourth place in the Guelph Flounders College Royal Underwater Hockey Tournament.

In their first team appearance at a tournament the Whitetips, with some help from the Brantford Bad Boys, played in the B division in this co-ed, non contact sport. The B division contained teams from Kincardine, London, Guelph, Cornwall, Montreal, Peterborough, and Waterloo.

In the opening round Waterloo sunk London 10-0 before moving on to tie Montreal 2-2 in a game with a disputed penalty shot. Without much time to catch their breaths the Whitetips were rushed into their next game against Kincardine. Well known and trained although sporting a number of younger players the Kincardine team edged out the Waterloo-Brantford team 4-2. In their final game of the first round Waterloo faced Peterborough a very strong team who later went on to win the division title. In a hard fought game the Whitetips lost 12-0.

The opening round saw London and Guelph dropped from the final four. Montreal and Waterloo were tied for fourth but with a clear edge in goals Waterloo was sent into the playoffs. In a demoralizing twist Waterloo was faced once again by the Peterborough team. Fighting hard Waterloo held Peterborough to 8 goals this game, unfortunately failing to score any themselves against this clearly superior team.

This moved Waterloo into a final playoff game against Kincardine (who had lost to Cornwall) for third place. In what may have been the most exciting game of the tourney Waterloo and Kincardine battled to a 5 all tie with only two minutes left in play. Waterloo put on an excellent push in the Kincardine goal area but failed to capitalize on the opportunity. Kincardine managed a breakaway and scored with only 15 seconds left in play leaving them in third place.

The Whitetips practice and scrimmage every Monday night at 9pm at the Sertoma Pool on the corner of Albert and Weber Streets in Waterloo (home of the Waterloo Regional Synchronized Swimming Club). New players are always welcome in this all-ages, co-ed, non-contact sport. The Whitetips keep a supply of equipment on hand to loan new players. Contact Neil Peterson at 883-8588 for more information or visit the Whitetips Web page at