Underwater Sports

Last Update: October 23, 2002

Yes I'm serious about these underwater games. I kow they sound silly, the gods know they LOOK silly, but they are a great deal of fun and an unbelievable way to stay in shape.

The Waterloo Whitetips are still looking for a new home right now. If you know of a pool preferably at least 4 lanes by 25 meters and 6-10 feet deep please let me know. For now we are travelling to Guelph to play the Flounders Sunday Afternoons. Come on out and join us! Drop me an email and I'll hook you up on our mailing list or provide directions / car pool information. Both the Flounders and Whitetips have loaner equipment if needed.

Currently Rugby is played in Brantford at the Wayne Gretzky Center on the last Wednesday of each month beginning at 8pm. There is no loaner gear available at this site so bring mask snorkel and fins if you are coming. Unlike hockey this game is full contact in a 16 foot deep pool. I know that sounds scarey and sure I guess you can call this an extreme sport but I've never seen a real injury. Think of trying to put a slightly weighted ball (around 5" in diameter) into a recycling bin placed 16 feet underwater. You get some friends to help you and some other friends who are trying to stop you by grabbing you or the ball.

There are some good pics over on the Whitetips pages.

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