The People of Bryniau Tywynnog

What's a group without people? On these pages, you will find information about our members, how to contact them, what they've done, what they look like, and much else.

Linked names will take you to a person's personal homepages.

Some of the people have awards listed, using a strange, cryptic, abbreviation-based format. A listing of the abbreviations used, along with their full names can be found at Sometime soon, I will replace the abbreviations with the full text of the award names.

Order of Precedence - awards held by our members. This will go away when the information on it is entirely contained within member pages. *currently out of date

The Members

Barony of Ramshaven

Baron: Kolbjörn Skattkaupandi (Jason Kingston)

Baroness: Wencenedl of Rokesburg (Elise Kingston)

Canton Officers

Seneschal: Eyrny (Kathleen Gormanshaw)

Exchequer: Ed the Red (Mark Patchett)

Herald:Yoshikuri Nagayo Dono (Brendan Smith)

Marshal: Sir Elizabeth

Rapier Marshal: Eyrny (Kathleen Gormanshaw)

Archery Marshal: Draco

Thrown Weapons : not a member, but willing to teach: Lawrence Killraven

Chatelaine: currently unfilled, care to volunteer?

Chronicler: currently unfilled, care to volunteer?

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Adnar

Web Mistress: Kaðlín Ragnarrsbondi (Karen Peterson)

Democrat: Wencenedl of Rokesburg (Elise Kingston)

The Rest of Us

Alasdair of Raasay (Caz)

Alyce de Sheppey (Danute Dorion)

Angela Yeats

Arnora Dunestan (Karen Murphy)

Dain of Monadh (Brad Norris)

David Martin Failsworth (David Hutchinson)

Diana of Eire (Diana Ireland)

Doughal (Phil Rayner)

Draco Lengetyll (Doug Getty)

Sir Edward the Red (Mark Patchett)

Elenor of Monadh (Stephenie Norris)

Eric the Peacock (Eric Praetzel)

Evan Quicktongue (Graham Yeats)

Eyrny Ormarsdottir (Kathleen Gormanshaw)

Fionna the Ferine (Sheila Reavely)

Garwig der Waffenschmidt (Gary J Snyder)

Gierhaerdt of Hildeschiem (Jerry Penner)

Gwendion Casguthcat (Melanie Robbins)

Hoskuld (Aaron Gormanshaw)

Iain McConnor McCrimmon (Ian Doyle)

Ivhon of Sunrose (Jake Botticelli)

Jared Edwardson (Jared Patchett)

Kaln Ragnarrsbondi (Karen Peterson)

Kolbjörn Skattkaupandi (Jason Kingston)

Knott Maelson (Brock Massel)

Konrad Matthias Jaeger (Brian Dorion)

Lachlann Longshanks (Justin Marshall)

Liam De Paor (Craig Brodnicki)

Liam the Curious (Samuel Bently)

Baroness Livia di Lancelotti (Margaret)

Muireen ingen Morgair (Melanie)

Odette de St.Remy (Nina)

Pavel Serevolkov (Paul Woodard)

Philippe van Acker (Shawn Vincent)

Ragnarr Thorbergsson (Neil Peterson)

Rawnie Maddelena (Dale Gray)

Rylyn Buchanan (Beth Patchett)

Sadhbh inghean an tSagairt (Deb Welch)

Satake Matsumi (Grace Carr)

Simon D'Ambray (Micha)

Sigurd Leothsanga (Bosah Vandenberg)

Tanith the Cook (Anita Kilgour)

TerraJade Wallace (Linday Kleinknecht)

Thaninieyaieres O Ynys Yf Draig Gwyrdd (Paddy)

Timothy of Eire (Timothy Ireland)

Baron Tristaam of Galador (Bill)

Viharlovas Amos (John Welch)

Vladislav cel Inalt (Dan Blair)

Wencenedl of Rokesburg (Elise Kingston)

William Stalker (Michael Kleinknecht)

Yoshikuri Nagayo Dono (Brendan Smith)

Yric de Moray (Len Butler)


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The Device of Bryniau Tywynnog

last updated: April 1, 2011