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The Map Gallery of Ealdormere


The Kingdom of Ealdormere - (most of Ontario)

The Middle Kingdom - (much of north-central US and Manitoba)

The Kingdom of Aethelmearc - (West Virgina, western Pennsylvania, and western New York)

The East Kingdom - (eastern Canada and the US north Atlantic seaboard)

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The Barony of Ramshaven - (south-western Ontario)

* A Yahoogroups email list has been formed for the Barony of Ramshaven (including Bryniau) at

Barony Septentria - (central Ontario)

Barony Ben Dunfirth - Hamilton

Barony Rising Waters - Niagra region

Barony Skraeling Althing - eastern Ontario

Nearby Groups

Canton of Monadh - Orangeville, Ontario

Shire of Trinovantia Nova - London, Ontario

der Welfengau - Guelph, Ontario

Eoforwic - Toronto, Ontario

College of Skeldergate - York University, Ontario

Other Interesting Links

Cariadoc's Miscelleny - a collection of articles and recipes by Cariadoc of the Bow, Knight, Master of the Laurel, Master of the Pelican, and Duke.

The University of Waterloo SCA server - maintained by Eric the Peacock

SCA dance music CDs

SCA sheet music for dance

The Known World Academy of Rapier


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